About ITCrats

The company was formed by a group of passionate Data professionals, who have right from the inception of the organisation invested in team members and customer cultures to create a cohesive, productive and high performing work environment. When you meet us, you will obviously notice our passion for data and analytics underlined by the end customer objectives. Our key focus while delivering business value to you are the solutions to your data related problems and not billable hours. Our unique delivery methodologies focus on minimizing risk and extracting answers to key business questions from your data.

We help you optimize your technology investments to gain market share, be more competitive, and drive growth and innovation by extending Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Data Management solutions on Microsoft's Azure, SQL Server and Power BI platforms. We also extend services and solutions on business productivity solutions available on Microsoft stack.

Our Vision

To be the catalyst for customers vision by providing unique, best in class solutions and winning employees hearts by living the values and ethics.

Our Values

Unyielding Integrity

Good reputations are hard-earned. What makes us a better being and an organization is our effortless integrity. “Integrity comes naturally to us and is one of our finest qualities”.

Being Responsible

Providing clients with efficient and creative alternatives that push the norms and create higher levels of returns is not an aspiration – it is what we deliver.

Customer Delight

We involve our personalities to service our customers at our best. Value creation for our clients is paramount.

Employee First

What makes us is what you are to this company. We build together our company’s vision and mission. Each one of us stand here for one goal which is “Success”. Its “WE” who makes this possible.


The status quo being the key factor, we invent to innovate a better today and tomorrow. We utilize our strengths every single day to bring out the best ideas in us.

Being Team Always

Goals with a team of like-minded will always be achieved with a special objective to it. We believe in teamwork and as it's rightly said, “United we stand, Divided we fall”.